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For Professionals

We teach and consult with professionals who work with parents and/or children of all ages. This includes mental health professionals, pediatricians, teachers, school administrators, clergy, camp directors, caregivers, learning specialists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, and tutors.


We provide one-on-one teaching and consultation in our office and via video.  Consultation groups and workshops can take place at our office, online, or off-site at your business, school or organization.

For a list of possible topics for workshops and presentations, click here.

*This is a partial list; custom topics are also possible

Babies through Elementary School Age:

  • Understanding Your Baby

  • Parenting Toddlers

  • Parenting Preschoolers:For Parents of 3- to 5-Year-Olds

  • Building Emotional Resilience in Your Preschool Child

  • Setting Limits with Preschoolers

  • Thriving Throughout the Elementary Years

  • Bodies, Birds and Bees: Talking with Your Child About Sex  

  • Resolving Conflicts With Your Kid So Everyone Wins (and loses a little…but not too much)

  • Helping Children Navigate Their Social World: What To Expect At This Age and How Best to Support Your Child  or Resolving Conflict With Your Preschooler: The How, Why and When of Setting Limits ??

  • Siblings: Keeping Them Happy and Healthy


Teens and Tweens:

  • Trials Tribulations and Triumphs of the Tween Years

  • Setting Limits and Following Through: The Art of Discipline with Tweens and Teens

  • Fostering Communication with Your Tweens and Teens: Building Trust in the Age of Sex, Drugs and Other Scary Things

  • Where Did My Kid Go? How an Understanding of Adolescent Development Can Help Improve Communication with Your Middle Schooler

  • Preparing for the Transition to College


For Parents of Adults:

  • Adult Daughters and Mothers

  • Empty-Nesters’ Workshop

  • Grandparenting Today


For Parents of All Ages:

  • Parenting as a Couple: How To Parent More Cooperatively and Communicate More Effectively

  • The Social Dynamics of Girls

  • Helping Your Child Through Divorce

  • Parenting Kids Who “Don’t Fit the Mold”

  • Educating Your Family Caregiver About Your Child

  • Parenting Children with Special Needs

  • Transitioning Through Summer Into Fall: Holding Onto What Matters In Times of Change   

  • Fathers’ Workshop

List of Workshop Topics
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